Architectural Homes vs Project Homes

Looking for the difference between an architecturally designed home verses a project or "turn-key" home? Buildrite Sydney explain the pros and cons of both.

When looking at building a new home, there are many factors to consider.

The number of rooms, landscaping, building materials, and more!

One of the most significant factors is whether to get your home architecturally designed or go with a project home.

Don’t know where to start? Let us help by describing each type and weighing the pros and cons.

Project Home

What Is A Project Home?

A project home company or volume builders create project homes. They have set house plans that they repeatedly build with slight alterations chosen by the owner. These come in a catalogue with pre-set designs that you can choose between and, typically, a list of possible changes.

Project homes are referred to as “turn-key homes,” giving you minimal options to choose from. Project home builders typically turn around houses quicker than most. You’ll have the choice of home designs but not many alterations. Things like benchtops, doors, and handles are optional, but structural changes are unavailable.

Advantages of Project Homes

Project homes are cheaper than architectural homes, thus providing good cost savings. That makes them a popular option, especially among first-time home buyers who are not looking to spend too much on construction costs. The price of building a dream home depends on the design and materials chosen.

Another significant advantage of project homes over architectural homes is that you can often walk through a model of your house before choosing one.

Most companies’ project builders showcase their most popular home design plans.

You’ll be able to see what your house will look like before choosing one. This will help you envisage where your furniture will go. What will your room look like, and is this the right home for you?

Disadvantages of Project Homes

Project homes are cookie-cutter copies of each other. The design and materials used are limited and typically of lower quality. You’ll need to be happy having a home that’s the same as the home of many other people.

Whether you want a bigger master bedroom, a smaller kitchen, or other changes, you cannot easily design aspects.

The perception of a project home is that it’s inferior quality compared to a custom-designed home.

That’s because they are not explicitly designed for you or your block of land. They consider your personality, character, or family count. They are a house that’s already designed and built on your land.

The home may not suit the setup of your land or the way the light hits the property. The natural breeze that flows through the house can also make a big difference. That depends entirely on the project home you choose.

Architectural Home

What Is An Architectural Home?

An architecturally designed home has been architecturally designed by an architect based on your specific needs. Often, it’s a situation where you work with the architect and building designer to design the home of your dreams.

You can describe exactly what you want, and they will create it for you. Before going into it, there is no floor plan or design; it is just your ideas and their designs. It’s a custom build.

Advantages of Architectural Homes

When you hire an architect to custom design your home, they can consider many additional factors for the project.

For example, depending on your requirements, you could place a kitchen, bedroom, or lounge where the sunlight best hits your land for energy efficiency. Or, if your property is an odd shape or on a hilly block of land, they can create a home that best uses the available space.

Architects are highly knowledgeable and can suggest features based on current council guidelines. They will make the best use of the available property.

An architect often refers you to an interior designer to help you choose the right colour palette. An exterior designer or landscaper will help determine the best landscaping and plan your lighting and airflow design.

The other main benefit is that it gives you more choices and flexibility in the design of your custom-built home. An architect can make it happen whether your priority is a large kitchen, multiple bathrooms, or a hidden room behind a tall mahogany bookshelf like those in a James Bond movie. They can create the perfect home that suits your family’s needs, no matter what they may be.

Disadvantages of Architectural Homes

Architectural homes are often more expensive to build than project homes. This is due to the cost of an architect and high-end finishes usually found in custom-built homes.

That’s because you have the building costs and the architect’s costs added to that. Paying for an architect’s time can be costly as you pay for their experience and expert knowledge. Many consider that this pays off in the long run and the value of their home.

The other biggest disadvantage is the build time because everything isn’t from a textbook. Council approvals take longer, cabinetry could be longer, and the overall build time is typically longer than a project home. Everything is done to absolute perfection to ensure the quality of your custom home is to your expectations.

Although the cost of building an architecturally designed house can be greater, the quality difference can also help the home sell for more and last the test of time.


It may seem like there is no perfect solution to the dilemma of architectural homes vs project homes, but luckily for you, there is! Here at Buildrite, we create homes that offer you the best of both worlds.

We offer fantastic custom-built homes designed uniquely for your requirements. Our focus is on providing premium-quality homes and understanding your needs. Our team of professionals is ready to provide you with reliable service and unmatched quality.

With over 40 years of experience creating exceptional homes and quality-assured suppliers. We are a completely reliable company that you can trust.

You don’t need to compromise on anything in your new build. Focus on creating your dream home with one of our friendly team, and you’ll find that your new home is exactly what you wanted and nothing less.

We provide everything from turnkey residential solutions to fully customised homes. This way, you don’t need to choose between a project home and an architecturally designed one when choosing your supplier. Select Buildrite because when you choose quality, you can’t go wrong. Contact us today to discuss your dream home and how we can make it happen.

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