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Are you looking for a duplex builder in Sydney? We have been specialising in high-return duplex and multi-family home constructions for over a decade. Our high-quality duplexes will last the test of time and yield great returns.

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Duplex Constructions

When it comes to maximising available space, duplex homes in Sydney are perfect. Whether you want to keep land costs to a minimum, or rather you want inner-city living without the huge price tag, building a duplex makes sense.

Duplex living has become more popular in recent years, as people move away from owning larger homes. For many, their lifestyle simply doesn’t support the need for a large home, and that’s where a duplex design is perfect.

Duplex Building in Sydney

The team at Buildrite Sydney have been building high-quality new duplex homes for years now. We’ve got a comprehensive catalogue of duplex designs that showcases our ability to use available space to create stunning, functional duplex homes in Sydney. Duplex living is all about versatility, so that’s where our team of professionals can turn a smaller space into an amazing home.

We consult thoroughly to understand your needs before the home design process even starts. This allows us to create great contemporary designs that are unique to every client. Our Sydney duplex builders deliver the home you want, for the lifestyle you choose.

Throughout the process, we hold ourselves to extremely high standards and pay close to attention to the smallest details. We have an all-encompassing approach to every project from start to finish, and we can also help with any required council approvals. That’s how we deliver duplex home solutions that are perfect for your individual needs.

For the very best in duplex living solutions, all in one neat package, look no further than Buildrite Sydney. We’ve got the skills and experience to build the living space you really want and hold your hand through every step in building your new home.

It's no wonder we're the duplex builder Sydney homeowners go-to for quality home designs by industry-leading duplex builders.

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We ensure throughout each stage of a project that we exceed our own quality assurance standards. Dedication to the highest quality is embedded in our company culture with the utmost importance.


Each team member takes an exceptional amount of pride in every roles and services provided. We believe that even the smallest parts of a home build should be done with excellence and attention to detail.


We ensure communication occurs with our clients at every stage of the building process. Updating you on our progress is all part of building trusted client relationships. We adhere to our client’s vision and deliver on individual specifications.


Our main company goal is to ensure that every stakeholder of the project is satisfied with each and every stage. We believe that if we’re truly satisfied with our work, we’ll achieve our overall goal – complete customer satisfaction.

Our Building Process Sets Us Apart

Duplex Build Process

1. Duplex Build Overview

Understanding each and every aspect of the project. It is crucial to go through every detail to ensure the delivery matches the goal.

Our first step is to gain a deep understanding of your requirements and the complexity of the project. We assure you to deliver the vision and implement a unique strategy. In order to progress, detailed research and solid foundations are required.

Residential Home with Pool
Cottage Styte Home
Backyard Living Area

2. Strategic Planning

Creating and mapping out significant key points that will define the result. Ensuring each and every stage is recognised, discussed and strategised.

Maximising on all key factors that will define the project and their milestones. Certifying that all tasks are accounted for in a productive and efficient manner. The Buildrite team apply a systematic approach to warranting comprehensive project planning.

Royals Hair Hornsby
Internal Design of Commercial Building
Anytime Fitness Fitout

3. Project Implementation

Implementation, Execution & Delivery

Buildrite believes that foundation is the key to success. Utilising our project management team to implement each and every procedure from the first point to the final result. We aim to be clear and concise with each stage validating the significance of quality and effective communication.

Architectural Home Build
Architecturally Designed Living Room
House Entry Photograph

4. Measure, Assess & Deliver

“Whatever it takes!”

Buildrite doesn’t consider measure, evaluate & deliver as the final process. We measure, assess and deliver at every stage to deliver more than client expectations. We ask stakeholders at these stages

  • Did we complete the project to our standard?
  • How did we surpass client expectation?
Custom Designed Spiral Staircase
Ultra Modern Custom Home

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Find out more about who we are and the details of our proudest projects. From the Construction Process, Our Team, Portfolio, Associations and Testimonials, we present to you Buildrite Sydney.

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