Experience a stunning high-end apartment renovation in Paddington. Each room flows perfectly with attention to detail. The marble kitchen island and French doors offer a beautiful view of Sydney Harbour Bridge.

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A high-end apartment renovation in the heart of Paddington.

Each room throughout this apartment, has a great level of attention to detail and flows together perfectly.

One of the main attractions of this apartment is the kitchen area. The large marble kitchen island, with the recessed detail, comes together nicely with the dark toned joinery selected. Allowing for the open plan feel, across the kitchen is the dining area, overlooking the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The French doors throughout the dining and living area, really allows for the flow of natural light, and a beautiful view from every angle.

The timber flooring selected for the kitchen, dining, and living areas enhances the natural and warmth feel to the apartment.

The craftsmanship and attention to detail is seen as you walk through the apartment, creating the perfect finish our clients were after.

Gallery Photos

9 Months In The Making

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