Luigi Roselli’s Architecturally Designed Staircase For Sydney Home

Located in Sydney’s Bellevue Hill, architects from Luigi Roselli have designed a dramatic twisting staircase for this 1920’s home.

There's nothing more breathtaking than an architecturally designed home. Located in Sydney’s Bellevue Hill, architects from Luigi Roselli have designed a dramatic twisting staircase for this 1920’s house. Known as Peppertree Villa, the build combines the styles of neoclassicism and modernism throughout the three floors.

Luigi Rosselli Architecture was approached by the owners of The Oculi House and Peppertree Villa to “revive and refresh…” the two splendidly designed homes. With Peppertree Villa, creating an uninterrupted flow throughout a variety of living spaces was the intention the firm had to improve the connection between the different areas of the residence.

Curvy beige staircase

Acting as a crucial connecting point, the curvy beige staircase has been described as a “suspended sculptural ribbon”.

Backyard Pool
Interier Architecture
Interier Bathroom

Natural light has been maximised through large glass panels, and the architects were briefed to showcase the outdoor views towards the garden while maintaining the home’s historic elements. By Implementing the large glass panels, Roselli can bring natural light into the house, creating a sense of open living.

Living Room

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Luigi Rosselli Architects have beautifully blended modern design elements with the heritage features of Peppertree Villa. The dramatic twisting staircase acts as the central focal point, connecting the three floors in a sculptural way.

By maximising natural light through large glass panels, the architects have brought the outdoors in and enhanced the flow between spaces. The renovations have revitalised this 1920s Sydney home, allowing its owners to enjoy upgraded living areas and views of the verdant garden throughout the property.

Projects like Peppertree Villa demonstrate how skilled architectural design can breathe new life into historic buildings while respecting their original character. The tasteful blending of old and new makes this a highly impressive residential renovation that will no doubt be appreciated by generations to come.

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