How To Get Breathtaking Kerb Appeal For Your Home

Trying to get an amazing kerb appeal for your home in 2022? Take a look below for some tips & tricks to improving your homes kerb appeal.

You will know how important first impressions are if you’re a home decor enthusiast. And the kerb is the first thing one sees before entering a home. In Australia, kerb appeal is typically known as a home’s facade and is considered one of the most essential things to homeowners.

People form a general opinion about the entire place in those first few seconds; hence, it is essential to boost the overall appeal. We often tend to ignore the outside pathway and focus more on doing up the insides of a house. It’s like judging a book by its cover; the general appeal is built from the outside.

Kerb side home appeal

But if you want to come across as an immaculate expert in designing a house, you need to buckle up and transform the kerb appeal. To help you, we have curated this guide with a list of changes you can incorporate to enhance the visual appeal.

Please grab a coffee and read through the following to learn about it.

Let’s dive in.

Tips To Getting Good Kerb Appeal For Your Home

A Walkway To Remember

When guests visit your house, the first thing that they see is the walkway. So, you realise how vital a role it plays, and hence, it is essential to decorate it nicely. You can choose between a cobbled or a plain surface depending upon the garden and the kind of house.

Pro Tip: Line up the pathway with plants, or you could even have lights guiding you to the front door.

Garden & Lights up driveway

This path separates the house from the road and helps build an initial impression. It adds personality to the home, so you should visualise it well before staying in it. Map the layout at the beginning and get a copy. You will then have the exact dimensions and shape of the walkway.

Based on this, you can plan how to decorate it. Some people also opt for a tiled or wooden path. However, the climate should be considered when deciding on the material.

Wood will not withstand too much rain, and a tiled path may make it easier for you to clean it. A raised pathway is a great idea, as the water drains off the sides.

On the other hand, wood or pebbles may work well if you live in a dry climate. Lighted paths look beautiful but must also be paired with a lighted entrance. Otherwise, the pathway will stand out while the rest of your house will not.


Once the pathway is set, you can consider the surrounding elements. Landscaping includes fences and walls of different heights. These add depth to the garden and make it look more beautiful. You can have these depth walls and line them with artificial green branches that seem to be growing on them. Keep spotlights on the sides or below it, and you will have created a beautiful facade.

Another significant part of landscaping is the elements you decide to add to your garden. How does a fountain in the centre sound? Or do you want to settle for statues in the middle? Garden fairies and gnomes are also a great idea that you could implement.

Match the theme of your house with whatever you decide to have in the yard. Metallic structures or planters can also be used if you opt for a modern, minimalist look. Today, many people want modern minimalist fountains with metallic figures in between.

Modern water feature & deck

Wood and aluminium are the two other materials extensively used for landscaping. You can make the fence of any of these materials to complement the garden.

We suggest not being very experimental with the house’s front wall. That is more for protection and to keep your home safe from burglars. Play with the space inside the walls, and you could create something to be proud of.

Plants And Flowers

Flowers and plants can be the most significant game-changers while planning your kerb. You can arrange to use various colours, textures, and levels of greenery to enhance the front yard surrounding the walkway.

Plant flowers that match the house and do not overpower it. If your home is in a pastel white shade, you can have many flowers in various colours. This will complement the white colour of the house.

On the other hand, if you have vibrant or deep-shaded walls, it is best to opt for white blooms. They will look refreshing and complement the walls.

Pot plants front of house facade

Next, you need to decide on the kinds of pots and planters to use. There are different patterns and colours to choose from. It would be best to keep the colour palette in mind while purchasing. Remember that you want all the kerb parts to be symmetrical. Include flowers and plants that make the garden look good.

Shrubs can also be matched with the pathway and kept at the corners. Neutral tones can be highlighted, which will help build the ambience. Remember that a minimalist approach will make it look modern, while a traditional look will involve a plethora of blooms.

Decor And Furniture

Enhancing the kerb appeal is crucial to creating a welcoming atmosphere. The walkway establishes the first impression, so decorating it tastefully can make a huge difference. Consider lining a cobbled or plain surface with plants or adding guiding lights.

The walkway separates your home from the street and adds personality. Map out the layout and dimensions to plan effectively. Tiled or wooden paths are options, but consider the climate when selecting materials. Raised pathways allow for effective drainage.

Beyond the walkway, window boxes introduce bursts of colour and greenery, instantly elevating the exterior’s visual appeal. Renovating the mailbox and modifying the house number display can create distinction. Opt for unique designs, materials, and bold font choices.

Outdoor furniture and decor elements further highlight the kerb’s charm. Porch furniture, from deck chairs and tables to wall art, sets the mood. Front doors and door knockers also contribute significantly to the first impression, adding character and visual interest.

Front yard timber deck

You can also have coloured elements along the pathway that highlight it. Pick up two colours and line up tiny modern art pieces. These will highlight the path; your guests will know you paid attention to the intricate details.

Improve your facade in 2022

With this, we have come to the end of our guide. If you keep the colour and theme in place, you will not be wrong with the decor. Find out what kinds of blooms you can proliferate creased based on it.

Garden furniture should be waterproof to ensure its durability outside your house. Also, be careful with the lights and ensure none directly falls on people’s faces. That could be unpleasant if someone wants to sit in the front garden post-sunset.

Once you have these in mind, you can easily create an eye-catching pathway to impress guests. Let us know if you have further queries in the comment section below.

Until next time.

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