Tips For Budget-Friendly Internal Home Renovations

Looking to renovate the interiors of your home without breaking the bank? Then we’ve got you covered with a few handy tips.

Most of us will usually associate “interior renovation” with extravagant spending. But that isn’t always necessary.

Be it for functionality, decorating, or reselling purposes, tight budgets can also yield spectacular-looking interiors, provided you have proper planning. After all, who doesn’t like saving their hard-earned money while transforming the look and feel of their beloved home?

And with this thought in mind, we’ve curated this short guide featuring the best tips to accomplish a budget-friendly interior renovation project. So, let’s begin!

3 Tips To Plan The Budget

1. Prioritise Your Renovation

It may often happen that some rooms will require renovation more than the others. And although there may be this overwhelming urge to transform the entire house internally, taking one or two rooms at a time will help you stay within budget. Moreover, it becomes easier to plan and execute the project according to plan.

Now, you may find it challenging to decide on a reasonable budget for internal renovations, no matter how big or small the project is. In this regard, a good rule of thumb is not to spend more than 12 to 15% of your home’s total cost on one room.

2. Prepare A Cost Estimate

Once you have a budget to work with, the next step would be to divide it according to what you look to achieve. You may prepare a detailed list of different aspects like paints, flooring material, furniture, etc., along with their expected costs. Also, include the shipping fees and applicable taxes, if any.

If you’re going to renovate your home for the first time, be prepared to devote considerable time researching the average costs in your area. Not only will this help your contractor get a better picture of your precise requirements, but it will also help him provide you with an accurate quote.

Furthermore, we’d advise comparing the quotes of different contractors to ensure that you’re getting the best deal. Remember that the best quote is much more than just the cost. You should also consider how well the contractors communicate every aspect of the process and their overall experience, especially in similar projects.

3. Consult A Home Renovation Specialist

Some homeowners prefer consulting a home renovation specialist soon after deciding on the renovation plan and budget. Such specialists help you achieve the best possible results within your budget. Beyond that, they may help reduce the overall cost without compromising on your vision or the quality of materials used.

8 Budget-Friendly Designing Tips

Now that you have an idea about budgeting the renovation, let’s look at some design tips that will amp up the interiors without burning a hole in your pocket. Some of our recommendations can also be achieved in the DIY way.

1. Beautify The Space

Not every beautification project requires expensive furniture and intensive painting jobs. You may decorate the space with simple accessories and elegant touch-ups to the existing paint.

For instance, placing a dark-coloured flower vase against a light-coloured wall (or vice versa) can bring in some much-needed contrast in your room. Or, a small indoor herb garden in your kitchen can render a touch of natural green while providing fresh seasoning for your meals.

Similarly, you may add wall stickers or stickable wallpapers to the walls for creating a new look without hiring a painting service. But even if you’re looking to change the entire wall colour, you can do so by following the numerous house tutorials readily available on the internet.

Likewise, structural furniture found in most departmental stores doesn’t require intensive carpentry or professional installation, thereby saving cost.

2. Add A Headboard

One of the most effective yet most neglected techniques to change the bedroom’s look is adding a headboard to the wall behind the bed. You will find plenty of options according to the size, material, and finishing, so go ahead and pick the one that best suits your existing decor. It’s that simple!

3. Accentuate The Bathroom

As far as renovating the bathroom is concerned, you don’t have to go out of the way to install premium bathtubs, sinks, and faucets. Just change the toilet seat or the sink with something more accessible and convenient for all users. You may also add a shelf to organise the bath products, which will make your space look bigger and more spacious

4. “Light Up” The Living Room

There’s no doubt that the lighting primarily influences the atmosphere of a living room. If there’s insufficient lighting, even the biggest living rooms can look dark and confined. Hence, improving the lighting alone can do wonders to enhance the appearance of this space.

We’d suggest choosing light-coloured curtains that will allow more light intake. Furthermore, hanging two mirrors on opposite walls and installing floor lamps can make the room seem bigger. Keep in mind that the size of the mirrors should be in accordance with the overall size of the walls.

5. Make The Dining Space More Appetising

It’s not only the taste that makes for an enjoyable and gratifying meal (otherwise, restaurants wouldn’t have put so much effort into interior designing!). One of the best ways to revamp the dining space is using colour psychology.

Simply put, specific colours like red, yellow, and orange help increase appetite. These are the colours primarily used by big food brands for their packaging and logo designs. Hence, you may use them for the walls, dining table, upholstery as well as cutlery.

6. Use Patterns To Create Your Vibe

Perhaps, patterns and textures are your best bet to bring a sense of depth to the decor of a room. Not only that, but these elements also help create the overall vibe of the space. While soft textures and subtle patterns render a warm or cozy feeling, vibrant patterns and bold textures lend a more welcoming and refreshing feeling. So, you can choose the upholstery and colours accordingly.

7. Reuse Accessories

The commonly discarded accessories like flower vases, pen holders, fruit baskets, etc., can be transformed into eye-catching showpieces with some creativity. Bring out the art supplies and seek inspiration from online video tutorials to tap the artist in you. Not only do they cut down on costs, but they also add your “personal touch” to the setup.

8. Add Protection To The Walls

Protect the wall behind your kitchen or bathroom sink with colourful and textured backsplash stickers. This is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to change the look of the wall without spending thousands of dollars for redoing or grouting the tiles.

Renovating On Your Budget

On that note, it’s time for us to wrap up today’s guide.

We hope that we have provided enough tips and tricks to help accomplish your internal home renovation. And no matter whether you’re hiring a renovation service or going the DIY way, make it a point not to stretch the budget too much.

Otherwise, you may end up spending a lot of money, only to be unhappy with the final result. We will see you next time. Till then, take care!

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