How To Choose A Builder That Is Right For You

Whether you're building your own home or constructing a commercial building, finding the right builder could make or break your project.

Whether building your own home or constructing a commercial building, finding the right builder could make or break your project. Unlike the control+z function on a keyboard, decisions made by your builder are hard to undo and will last for years afterwards.

Before you begin the home-building process, you must ensure you have the right home builder. With so many builders to choose from, where should you begin? Let’s find out!


This can seem daunting and time-consuming, but you won’t want to skip or rush through this process. What does the research entail? Let’s take a look!


Executive director Brian Seidler from the Master’s Builders Association NSW suggests we recommend you go to three builders to get quotes, either through a formal tender process or by engaging a reputable building broker who will do this for you.

To find the most accurate quote, try to provide as many details about your project as you can. This will give the builder a good idea of the scope and specifications you require.


Some things to keep in mind:

  • They need to have a license to do work over $20,000 (home warranty work)
  • Have they had any issues with clients or sub-contractors in the past?
  • You can go to the NSW Fair Trading website to see what information is available about your builder
  • If possible, try to talk to previous clients and find out what their experience was like
  • When choosing a builder, check for online reviews from previous clients


Experience is invaluable. How long has the company been running? Have they worked on something similar before? Please look at the builder’s portfolio and ask questions about their process and philosophy. A good builder should be open and willing to answer your questions. Also, check their qualifications and experience.


Make sure that the quote, plans and contract all match. You don’t want any nasty surprises along the way that could cost you even more time and money. A written warranty, proof of workers’ compensation, liability insurance and a builder’s warranty is also key.

5. Prioritise Communication

Look for a builder who is very responsive and makes you feel heard during the research process. This indicates how they will communicate throughout the project. Quick response times, communication, and clarity are essential.

Find A Partner, Not Just A Builder

Remember that your dream home or building is just the right builder away! Having a builder you can trust with such an important project will make all the difference. At Buildrite Sydney, we take building construction and carpentry work seriously, ensuring the highest quality and care at each step. Feel free to contact our team if you’d like to find out more about how we can help you with your next project.

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