Choosing The Right Pool For Your Lifestyle

Are you planning to install a new pool on your property? Consider your lifestyle to make sure that you are opting for the right one.

Having a pool on their property is a sign of luxury for most people!

Do you plan on building a pool in your home? You should consider the right one for your lifestyle. Moreover, pool safety features must be a priority, especially in modern homes.

Increased regulations and planning have changed how most people view outdoor pools on their property.

This guide will help you learn about the various pools to consider according to your lifestyle. Ensuring proper planning and strategies to maximise your outdoor space is imperative.

In most cases, it is best to take expert advice and help during the planning and building session.

Choose The Right Pool For Your Lifestyle

Integrating a swimming pool into your property enhances its appeal and provides a luxurious oasis for relaxation. When considering the addition of a pool, homeowners must think strategically about pool placement to optimise outdoor space effectively. Selecting the right swimming pool design is crucial to ensure that the pool complements the aesthetics and functionality of the home environment.

Rectangular pools, for instance, are popular for their classic and sleek look, fitting well into various garden layouts. Additionally, incorporating a pool cover is an essential aspect to consider. Not only does it keep the pool clean, but it also improves safety and helps in maintaining the water temperature.

By carefully planning the placement and choosing the right design, homeowners can create a stunning and functional pool area that is a perfect retreat right in their backyard.

There are a few considerations to keep in mind to help you optimise your outdoor space while building a beautiful, luxurious pool to relax.

How To Pick The Right Pool Design?

Let’s face it - pools are synonymous with an individual’s lifestyle. Of course, don’t forget to consider why you want to build a pool and how well it will integrate with your current lifestyle.

There is no harm in fantasising about building an excellent dream pool. However, certain elements must be considered.

The Size Of Your Yard

When contemplating the addition of a pool to your backyard, the size and layout of your yard are critical factors to consider. For those with smaller spaces, positioning the pool along the outer boundaries maximises the use of available space and facilitates the integration of the pool fence with the outer boundary fence.

Safety regulations demand that pools must be fenced, a rule that ensures both compliance and security. The topography of your yard plays a significant role in deciding whether an in-ground pool or an above-ground pool suits your property best. If your yard has a dramatic slope, you might even consider the luxurious option of an infinity pool.

Choosing the right pool shape is essential as it influences the aesthetics and functionality of the pool area. With various shapes available, selecting a shape that complements your yard’s layout while providing ample space for family fun is vital. The pool surrounds are another important aspect to consider. These areas add to the pool’s beauty and enjoyment and contribute to its safety and accessibility.

How Many People Will Use The Pool?

It can be tempting to build a large, luxurious pool in a home for two - but it may not be the most practical approach. One of the factors to consider is how many people will use the pool (regularly).

If you plan to host regular pool parties or invite friends and family to relax, you might be better off with a large pool. However, consider downsizing if you have a small family that doesn’t plan on using it often.

Doing this will also allow you to install other additions in your yard. Consider expanding the garden or building an outdoor kitchen or a BBQ area.

Consider expanding down the line before opting for a pool design.

Most people consider adding a pool a worthwhile investment but consider your plans to move or add to your family before selecting a pool size and design.

Strategise The Pool Location

For most homeowners, a pool is not just another addition - it is the focal point of their yard. If you have plans similar to those for the new pool, you should strategise its location in the yard.

Planning the pool in the middle is ideal as it will serve as the focal point and central “entertainment zone.”

Furthermore, this allows you to install other additions, such as a hot tub, jacuzzi, outdoor garden furniture, sun lounges, etc., surrounding the pool.

This will enhance your yard’s final, completed look and add to the overall elegance and aesthetics.

We also recommend considering the climate and weather of your area while strategising the pool location.

Those living in areas that experience hot, humid summers should position their pool away from direct sunlight. This will also allow you to add a sunshade over the pool, protecting you and the new addition from sun and weather damage.

Consider Pool Safety

It is essential to consider the safety of your family and others using your pool.

Most places have strict rules and regulations when it comes to pool safety. Moreover, considering your zone’s laws and building regulations, you must ensure the pool is built.

Another critical aspect to remember is the pool safety features you install. Additional features like rails, stairs, the depth of the pool and the chemicals used for cleaning and maintenance need to be considered.

Getting professional help to peacefully build your dream pool without flouting any rules and regulations is best.

Furthermore, you must install pool guards, fences, and compliant drain covers. If you have children who plan on using the pool, you may need to install additional safety measures to prevent accidents.

These may include security cameras, pool gates and even gate alarms that alert you when children use the pool area.

Regular Pool Maintenance

So, you have built your dream pool and are excited to use it. However, keep in mind that your responsibility does not end there. It would be best to consider regular cleaning and maintenance to maintain a healthy and safe pool.

Pools are large bodies of open water. It can attract insects, fester germs and bacteria, and turn hazardous if not properly maintained.

Consider the time, money and effort you will spend on regular pool cleaning and maintenance.

Some pool designs, significantly larger pools, will require more frequent maintenance. This can become a safe environment for you and your family.

Finally, feel free to hire a regular pool cleaner if you need more time to do it yourself. You may also opt for pool cleaning tools and products that make cleaning and maintaining regularly easier.

Optimise The Weather

Position your pool accordingly, depending on where you stay and the area’s climate. The north and west positions are typically best suited for outdoor pool building.

The east and south areas often get too cold or drafty, which can get uncomfortable during certain seasons or climates.

Moreover, optimising the sunshine and good weather you can enjoy while relaxing in the pool is natural.

According to your regular lifestyle and routine, you may opt for a pool along the brightest yard area or near the backdoor entrance, which will facilitate easy access to the pool area.

Your Environment

If you have a lot of trees or greenery around your yard, consider repositioning the pool strategically.

Although modern pool cleaning systems function automatically and throughout the day, cleaning your pool even without intervention, consider your environment when positioning the pool.

An ideal pool location would be a spot not directly under trees, which will cause excessive mess from bird droppings, dead leaves, and twigs. However, choose a place that enjoys adequate shade from the trees in your garden.

This way, you can enjoy a warm but shaded poolside ambience without investing in costly pool shades or guards.

The Architecture Of Your Home

A vital aspect of designing the right pool for your lifestyle is considering your home’s architecture. Ideally, you want the pool to look like an extension of your home.

Consider the materials you will use for building it. Moreover, it aims to balance hard and soft finishes by strategically using marble, timber, stone, and natural landscapes.

While most people often opt for light-coloured pool material, remember that this is relatively more challenging to maintain over time than dark shades.

Final Words on Pools

A luxurious pool can feel like a person’s paradise backyard. You can design and build your dream pool effortlessly by taking certain essentials.

Of course, it is best to have a budget before beginning the project. Furthermore, it will work best in your interest to hire a professional to guide you through the fine-tuning and designing aspects of the project.

Keep an open line of communication so that your dream pool project comes to life quickly.

On that note, we will sign off. Till next time, take care!

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