How To Find The Right Builder in Sydney

Finding the right builder in Sydney can be tricky; that’s why we have developed a guide showing you exactly how.

When you’re renovating your home or building a new house, searching for the best builder is stressful. That’s why we wrote this in-depth guide on finding a reliable builder. This will ensure you find a good builder, the right builder for your new home.

You can often feel like you’re flying blind, having to choose someone when you don’t know if they are reliable or not. But there are a few search methods for a reliable local builder that you know you can trust.

Building Plan and Equipment


Suppose you know other people who’ve had recent renovations done. You could ask them whether they liked their builder and who it was. If you respect the opinion of the person you are requesting. This is a sure way of finding out whether or not the builder was any good.

People will likely be honest with you because they don’t want to lead a friend astray. If the builder turns out to be unreliable, you can go back to the person to ask why they would recommend them on Earth.

This is what keeps people honest in their recommendations. This is why previous clients are often more reliable sources of information than online reviews.

Personal recommendations have forever been a reliable source of finding quality in any service or product.

This step alone can help you find the right builder. If you don’t know anybody, continue reading.


While word of mouth may be a sure way to find out which builders are good or not, you don't know anyone who has used a builder lately. Online reviews may not be as good as hearing from someone you know, but they can still be helpful.

For example, if a builder has a high percentage of negative reviews, you can take that as a red flag. Choose to go with someone else.

Be aware that some businesses pay to get positive reviews. We tend to emphasise how many bad reviews there are rather than good ones. Please keep in mind, though, that purchasing negative reviews is against the ACCC. We DO NOT try to misrepresent our beloved customers.

Another place to go is the NSW Fair Trading website, which has information about builders. You can always check to see if they have a history of disputes or grievances from past clients or sub-contractors.


Ensure that any builder you are hiring has their NSW builder’s licence. This is important because it shows they are skilled enough to be licensed builders.

When builders apply for this licence, they must prove two or more years of relevant building experience. A few formal qualifications count towards getting a builder’s right, and the person must have done one of these. Finally, they need to pass a criminal check.

You’ll want to hire someone with a NSW builder’s license. You can be certain that this person has studied a relevant qualification. This makes sure they are experienced and have no criminal record. This is a good start when choosing a builder.


It’s better if you can find an experienced builder. People who have been builders day in and day out for years are less likely to make avoidable mistakes when working on your property.

If they have been practising for a long time, they will also have a history of clients that you can check out reviews from, plus their builder's portfolio.

Additionally, they may post some of their previous projects online. By checking out a builder’s previous projects, you can see their skill level for yourself.

Look online for photos of previous projects, and you can see their style and the degree to which they finished a job.

This is perfect, as you will see work they have completed in the past.


One of the very best things that you can do to ensure your builder is reliable is to create a clear, detailed scope of work. If you are certain that you and your builder are on the same page, this can significantly reduce any miscommunications and frustration.

Consider what work you want to be done and clearly outline this. Perhaps even show a friend and ask them to explain what you want. Then, you will quickly see whether there are any gaps in the scope you have created.

With a complete scope of work, a builder can give you a realistic quote.

It’s important to question the builder to ensure they have structured plans for constructing your home.

This is the cause of many cases of builders’ overcharging’. They more than likely weren’t trying to overcharge, but the quote didn’t match the price due to the scope of work.


Not all builders are alike; they will have different experiences and specialties. So, not every builder will offer the services you require. You will save yourself a headache by making sure you choose a builder who can offer what you need.

Otherwise, projects can be left unfinished. The builder may not have the knowledge or skills to do the specific job you need to be completed.

strong>If you’re doing a renovation, find someone who specialises in renovations. If you’re looking to construct new homes and build your dream custom home, find someone for that.

Sometimes, the builder isn’t a specialist, and most builders use an architect for certain services. Builders shouldn’t be experts at everything, but ensure they’re experts in your project.


Most people decide to get quotes from 3 different builders before selecting one, and there is a good reason.

It lets you see if a builder is overcharging for construction materials, for instance, or other factors.

You can also compare the project specifications, milestones, estimated time spent, and more!

Select a builder who itemises everything they are charging you for rather than just showing an overall cost without breaking it down. You could be paying thousands in hidden extras otherwise.


Take the hassle of selecting a reliable builder by going with Buildrite Sydney. We want to ensure you have the advice on the type of project. We’re entirely insured, offer references, and show our clients work with pride. Our years of industry experience show that we are a local trusted builder in New South Wales. Established in 2001, Buildrite has built up a business on the foundation of satisfied clients.

We treat every single project as though it were our own home. We take care of every detail to ensure the perfect finished product. We don’t consider a project finished until everyone working on it is completely happy with the outcome.

Whether you’re looking to have a new home built, your existing home renovated, or a commercial building constructed, we’re here to help.

So, how do you find a builder you can trust? Finding a builder can be tricky, but taking the steps above can get you one step closer to choosing a home builder that’ll get the job done right.

We are part of the Master Builders Association, and it’s important to hire someone who is part of Master Builders to ensure quality and reliability.

Our team of experts will be with you every step of the way during the building process so you know what’s happening at all times. Contact us today and discover why we are one of NSW’s most trusted builders.

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