6 Design Tips When Building Your Custom Home

Where do you begin with modern design for your Custom Home? Here are a few tips to guide you through the creative process.

You’ve decided to do it – to build your very own custom home—something to suit the unique tastes and personality of you and your family. The problem is, where do you even begin with modern design? There are just so many possibilities and things to consider. Here are a few design tips for your Custom Home to guide you through the creative process.

1. Gather Inspiration

Whether creating a mood board on Pinterest, walking through Display Homes or browsing a New Home Builders’ Showroom, seeing tangible examples is an excellent way for you to decide what you do or don’t like! It’s much easier to go off what people have already done than start everything yourself from scratch.

2. Maximise Natural Light

You’re going to want to flood your new home with as much natural light as possible. Having the back of your home facing north will allow the most natural light to flow through. Installing more oversized windows or skylights can also be an effective way to brighten the space without relying on artificial lighting.

3. Open Plan Living

Modern design incorporates open plan living areas, blending functionality for a more spacious and inclusive feel. However, it is important to consider your family’s needs, and if this could cause noise or privacy issues, it may not be the best for your custom home.

Dog in living room

4. Bring The Outdoors, Indoors

Connecting with nature can do wonders for our mental health, and bringing the outdoors in can make your home come alive. Whether it’s introducing indoor plants or other outdoor elements you like, such as a pinecone!

5. Increase Ceiling Heights

Increasing ceiling height by 30-50cm can instantly make the room feel larger. This will open up the surroundings and provide plenty of space to breathe, dance, and do whatever!

6. Incorporate Natural Materials

Stone, wood, copper, concrete, granite, you name it. These will add a timeless elegance to your living space that feels organic and homely.

With great design also comes functionality, so remember to keep in mind maintenance requirements. Don’t feel pressured to follow trends, do what resonates with who you are for a classic style that you and your family can enjoy for years to come. When it comes to building your Custom Home, Buildrite is here to support you every step of the way, so don’t hesitate to ask any questions you have! Get In Touch Today.



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