Creating The Perfect Family Bathroom

Bathrooms are arguably one of the most significant rooms in your new home. How can your bathroom cater to the different needs of everyone in your family?

Bathrooms are arguably one of the most significant rooms in your new home. When building your custom home, it’s important to consider how your bathroom can cater to the different needs of everyone in your family. A bright and orderly space will be able to refresh you and your whole family every day, but balancing everyone’s different needs can be tricky, especially if there’s limited space!

When designing or renovating family bathrooms, think about what will make the space fully functional for all ages. From toddlers to teenagers to parents, a family bathroom needs to work for varying and changing needs over the years.

Keeping things simple and neutral while including storage and features that grow with your family is key to creating a durable, low-maintenance, stylish family bathroom. With smart planning and design, you can construct a family-friendly bathroom that both little kids and aging grandparents can use comfortably. Focus on a layout and details as a functional space to start each day right.

1. Make The Most Of Your Space

Bathrooms vary in size, but the look and feel of the space are all up to you. Efficient storage can help clear the clutter (such as bath toys!) by utilising the space under the sink or installing wall-hung units that can keep things off the floor.

2. Add A Personal Touch

Whether it’s feature colours or indoor plants, don’t be afraid of expressing your family’s personality, even in the bathroom design! For example, timber can add warmth, and its natural texture contrasts black and white tiles ideally.

Classic Bathroom Sink
Bathroom Shelving
Classic Bathroom

3. Clear The Air With A Sensor Vent Fan

If steam and moisture accumulate over time, it can leave your bathroom mouldy. This would be unpleasant but harmful, particularly if someone in the family has respiratory concerns. A sensor vent fan can help clear the moisture and keep the air fresh for everyone.

4. Replace Old Tiles

Over time, stubborn grout mould can grow, particularly in corners. Replacing old tiles can save you the hassle of intensive cleaning and give your bathroom a new feel. Tiles accumulate grime, stains, and soap scum build-up over the years that can be difficult to remove from porous surfaces. Cracked, broken, or missing tiles also look unsightly.

Evaluating the condition of your existing tiles is worthwhile when renovating. Installing new tile in showers, tub surrounds, and across floors can make the room appear brighter, cleaner and more refreshed. Choose durable, water-resistant tiles that will stand the test of time. With high-quality new tiles and proper sealing, you'll enjoy an updated look that lasts.

5. Combine Your Bath And Shower

A lot of kids love playing in the bath! Smooth, rounded edges rather than angular designs can keep tiny heads safe. On top of that, a P-shaped or L-shaped shower bath combines the novelty of bath time for kids with the practicality of showers for adults without needing both a bath and a shower space. This is particularly handy for smaller bathrooms!

6. Install Non-Slip Floors

This is a significant way to keep you and your family safe. Ideally, the floor is waterproof so that those bathtime puddles don’t cause any major falls or injuries.

Every family is unique. It’s important to share your vision and work together with your custom builder so that they can help create the perfect bathroom for your home.

Create Your Family's Dream Bathroom

Building a family-friendly bathroom requires balancing style, functionality, safety, and the needs of all family members. By incorporating smart storage, durable surfaces, ample lighting, and an efficient layout, you can design a bathroom that suits young kids, grandparents, and everyone in between. The right features will keep the space clutter-free, moisture-free, and ready to accommodate your family's changing needs over the years.

If a home renovation is in your future, the team at Buildrite Sydney can help you plan and execute the perfect bathroom for your family. With decades of experience building custom homes in Sydney, their experts will listen to your vision and translate it into a functional, safe, stylish family bathroom. Buildrite Sydney stays current on the latest trends and products to make recommendations tailored to your lifestyle, space and budget. Get in touch with them today to start planning your family-friendly oasis. Together, we can create a bathroom that your whole family will enjoy.

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