The Top Trends in Home Renovation 2022

Home makeovers are in full swing this year. Stay up to date and spruce up your living space with 2022’s trendiest home renovation ideas.

A lot can change over a year – outside the home and inside.

With working from home becoming the norm in 2022, home is undoubtedly where we spend most of our days. Perhaps, staring at the old walls or outdated fixtures out of boredom has made you realise that your house is in desperate need of a makeover. Or, it could be the new kitchen remodelling story your sister just posted on Instagram that beckoned you to start a reno project.

Whatever the reason may be, this is a great time to spruce up your humble abode. At the very least, you can get onto the broken kitchen cabinets that you might have been planning on fixing since last year.

In the meantime, have a squiz at what all the modern homes are incorporating this season. It might just inspire your following home redecoration plans.

The Top Trends In Home Renovation 2022

1. Adding A Home Office

It is no surprise that the new work from home culture is changing the way we live. While sweat is seeping into personal lives, kids are screaming during video conference calls, creating quite a few viral videos on the internet.

Drawing a boundary between work and home requires physical limitations and mental ones. For some, turning the basement or guest room into a separate office takes care of the issue. On the other hand, those with a smaller living space are retreating to a particular section within the house for work.

With that being said, sales for office supplies and furniture are also seeing a steep rise. Since most work is now being done on laptops and computers, buyers invest in new gadgets or upgrade old ones. There is also an upward trend in furniture shopping for office desks with adjustable heights and ergonomic chairs that support backs through long workdays.

2. Upgrading The Loo

People worldwide are coming to understand the value of alone time like never before. Throughout our lives, there is one place that most could rely on for their daily dose of peace and quiet (among other things)– the loo.

Is it such a surprise then that bathroom upgrades are trending this season? Luxury loos are rising, from comfortable toilet seats and steam showers to over-the-top indulgences, such as wine coolers in the bathroom.

3. Creating An Entertainment Corner

There is yet something else that most of us miss much more than going to work and our precious alone time – entertainment and social gatherings. This may be a simple cup of coffee at the neighbourhood cafe, while for others, it might be a pint of beer with friends at the local bar.

Either way, many have resorted to recreating their favourite entertainment spots in the living rooms or the garage. Apart from providing people with an illusion of normalcy, decorating the space is heaps of fun.

Just imagine putting together a home theatre setup, complete with that comfy ergonomic chair from the study and a bowl of piping hot microwave popcorn. All you need to do is dim the lights, and movie nights will feel as normal as ever. Or close enough, at least.

4. Setting Up A Home Gym

With gyms closing their doors to fitness enthusiasts this year, staying fit at home has never been as important. Not to mention how those with sedentary lifestyles are more vulnerable to mental and physical health scares.

Staying indoors has virtually left most of us gaining weight, so dedicating a room or space at home for shedding those extra kilograms isn’t such a bad idea. Interestingly, the trend of home gyms and the views on online fitness videos are spiking rapidly.

Luckily, exercising does not equate to pumping iron all day long. The most popular fitness challenges on Youtube are designed for beginners and utilise body weight. With that being said, a yoga mat, some earphones and a screen might be enough for a perfectly fine home gym.

After all, it doesn’t matter if you are looking to get a chiselled summer body or you’re just exercising for physical and mental well-being. Making room for staying fit is one trend that everyone should get behind.

5. Upgrading Kitchen Appliances

How many of us can say we weren’t tempted to try a hand at baking at some point in the past year?

Nevertheless, social media sites were flooding with dishes rustled up by new home cooks and seasoned chefs alike. Suffice to say that the kitchen has been receiving attention like never before. As a result, upon realising that their appliances had rusted while sitting at the back of the cabinet, many people began refurbishing old kitchenware.

At the same time, those who found a new love or curiosity for cooking began investing in cookware and all sorts of kitchen appliances. From here, upgrading your kitchen with a new stove and cabinets do not seem to be far-fetched.

6. Making The House More Energy-Efficient

Spending more time at home inadvertently leads to higher utility bills. Naturally, people are turning towards energy-efficient options to cut down costs. This includes installing low-flow showerheads, replacing light bulbs with LED or CFL lights, and switching to solar panels.

Besides avoiding a big bill, these energy-efficient additions are also environment-friendly solutions. Moreover, with the present decline in global carbon dioxide emissions, the movement for going green is indeed soaring high.

With that being said, trending sustainable home renovation ideas may be the first steps for an increasingly greener future

7. Improving Outdoor Living

Among all the new skills gaining traction among homebodies, gardening and landscaping are also included. Regardless of whether they are growing a vegetable garden or manicuring their lawns, people are using foliage to enhance the appearance of their homes.

After all, with the looming risk of screen addictions, turning outdoor spaces into inviting areas has become all the more crucial. Speaking of which, more people are building patios and decks for their lounging and sunbathing needs.

In addition to this, there is an upward trend in installing fire pits and outdoor cooking appliances to maximise outdoor living and entertainment options. At the same time, these cozy and modern additions are jazzing up the overall look of outdoor spaces.

That’s The Top Trends In 2022

In recent times, home is not just where the heart is. It’s where all your needs are.

The top trends in home renovation this year are proving the same. These new developments are also a great reminder of how humans have always had a unique way of adapting in the face of change.

From work and exercise to entertainment and hobbies – honestly, you need a little bit of creativity to make room for everything. And on this positive note, we wish you all the luck with redefining your definition of “home.” Till next time, take care!

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