Your Ultimate Guide to House Facades

This guide will explore popular house facade styles, facade materials, costs, and tips to increase curb appeal. Follow along to learn how to create stunning house facades that align with your interior vision.

The facade of a house is typically the front exterior that faces the street. However, your facade is much more than just a pretty face. It provides the all-important first impression to visitors and passers-by. Your house facade impacts functionality, energy efficiency, and the home’s overall street appeal.

When designing a custom home build or renovation, the facade’s style and materials should complement your interior style and reflect your taste. Common house facade materials like brick, stone, timber, render, and cladding can create a smooth or textured finish. Unlike all the other houses on the street, your house facade can stand out with the right design choices. Your carefully curated facade can improve market value, add depth to the design, and make your dream home come to life.

This guide will explore popular house facade styles, materials, costs, and tips to increase curb appeal. Follow along to learn how to create stunning house facades that align with your interior vision.

Making Great First Impressions with Curb Appeal

A home’s curb appeal encompasses all exterior elements that create those all-important first impressions. Investing in aesthetic appeal is essential for homeowners to showcase their unique style and stand out in the neighbourhood. Curb appeal goes beyond using popular traditional materials like brick or stone to adorn their home’s facade. Thoughtfully designed enhancements to lighting, colour, texture, greenery, hardscaping, and more work together to boost their home’s wow factor.

Strategically combining materials is an exciting way to add visual interest and depth. Mixing brick with clean-lined cladding or low-maintenance rendered walls blends classic charm and modern updates. Keeping material textures cohesive with the overall design avoids a disjointed look. Homeowners sharing design aesthetics with neighbours can still customise details like colour schemes to differentiate their new home.

The world of residential architecture and materials is filled with inspiring options to increase aesthetic appeal. Homeowners have more choices than ever to create facades with personalised flair. Your home’s first impression also sets the stage for visitors’ perception of interior spaces. Investing in expertly designed curb appeal showcases your signature style and pride of ownership for years to come.

House Facade Materials to Achieve Your Dream Look

The facade of a home makes a vital first impression. The materials used create an impression and tie into the overall aesthetic. When designing a custom facade, carefully weigh the options to complement your vision.

A traditional material such as a classic red brick delivers a timeless, inviting look. Available in diverse colours and patterns, brick adds warmth and interest to any facade. White-rendered walls create a smooth, durable surface for a light and airy feel. Cladding in modern profiles makes a contemporary statement with texture and depth. Natural stone like sandstone and slate brings an elegant, upscale look in calm, earthy tones. The charm of timber invokes cozy appeal through textured, rustic finishes.

Each material has pros and cons, and cost, maintenance, sustainability, and longevity factor into the decision process. Combining contrasting textures and colours produces dimension. Horizontal or vertical profiles add further visual appeal. The goal is cohesion with the interior design and overall home style.

A thoughtful material selection allows a custom home’s facade to represent the homeowner truly. The possibilities are endless, whether you prefer a rustic, elegant, or sleek look. Carefully weigh the facade options to find your dream aesthetic.

Key Facade Design Elements to Consider

The external walls of your home’s ground floor serve as the facade that faces the street. As the most visually appealing part of your dream home, the facade design requires thoughtful planning and innovative materials to create impressive curb appeal. When customising your facade, consider the following key elements:

Personal Style

Your facade should complement your home’s overall aesthetic and reflect your tastes. Create a cohesive look if you prefer traditional, modern, coastal, or other design styles.

First Impressions

Your home’s facade is the exterior most people see first, and it makes a vital first impression. Facade details like materials, colours, lighting, landscaping, and more work together to increase curb appeal.


Beyond aesthetics, ensure your facade design considers functional elements like entries, windows, drainage, and weather resistance.

Energy Efficiency

Strategic facade materials and fixtures can reduce energy costs through insulation, solar properties, and other sustainable features.


Carefully balance your budget across the entire home build. Allocate funds for top facade priorities that increase home value.

With careful planning and strategic design choices, your home’s facade can stand out from all the other houses on the street. Consider these critical considerations when customising your dream home’s exterior walls.

Most Popular Architectural Home Styles in Sydney

A home’s facade is an essential element that impacts design inspiration, curb appeal, and market value. When building a custom home in Sydney, the front facade should align with your lifestyle while meeting building codes. Consider these most popular architectural styles when designing the perfect facade and selecting traditional materials:


Featuring simple lines, lots of glass and steel for natural light, and minimalist details. Famous facades include brick, timber, and cladding.


White and pastel facades with Victorian influences, such as wrap-around porches, shutters, and cedar shake roofs, characterize it. Stone or brick is often used.

Modern Farmhouse

It blends modern and rustic charm with sloped rooflines, wood or stone accents, and black-framed windows and doors on white facades.


Evokes breezy waterfront vibes with light blues, sunny yellows, and beachy materials like clapboard and shingles. Whitewashed brick is a popular facade material.


Distinguished by warm red brick house façades, terracotta tile roofs, verandahs, and decorative woodwork. A traditional Australian architectural style.

Choosing the correct facade to match your custom home’s style provides exciting design inspiration. Consider popular architectural styles and materials to create the perfect first impression.

Kerb Appeal Tips for a Striking First Impression

Your new home’s exterior and facade create that all-important first impression on the neighbourhood. A striking facade with strong curb appeal can increase home value and make your house stand out from neighbouring homes. Consider these tips when designing your modern home’s personality:

  • Prioritise the entry: A charming front door and walkway create an inviting facade. Consider double doors, archways, porches, and paver or concrete paths. The garage door is also a vital element of the façade style, so choose a design that complements the modern facade and house styles.
  • Strategic landscaping: Gardens, trees, and greenery boost aesthetics and functionality. Place trees to frame the home without blocking windows and views.
  • Statement roof: Eye-catching roofs made of materials like concrete tiles, slate, or metal contribute bold personality and work well with contemporary styles.
  • Cohesive style: Ensure all exterior elements, such as materials, windows, lighting, and colour schemes, work together. Consider how the facade ties in with your planned interior styles as well.
  • Lighting: Ambient, task, and accent lighting adds drama and security—and illuminates paths and entries.
  • Pops of colour: Front doors, shutters, and other accents in bold hues make your home stand out day or night.
  • Texture: Mix textured and smooth exterior finishes. Consider brick, stone, render, timber cladding, fibre cement, and concrete panels to create an engaging modern facade.

Your home’s facade and exterior create that pivotal first impression for everyone passing by. Use these home design tips to boost curb appeal with a striking, cohesive look showcasing contemporary styles.

Partner with Buildrite for Your Custom Facade

A home’s facade encompasses style, texture, doors, cladding, landscaping, and more to create a stunning exterior. With experience building over 500 unique custom homes, Buildrite can help you design the perfect facade for your vision and lifestyle.

Our award-winning builders and architects are experts in materials, architectural styles, and the latest facade trends. We incorporate cladding, brick, stone, timber, and other textures tailored to your tastes.

Buildrite prioritises quality craftsmanship and attention to detail from your front door to your backyard. Our customised design process makes building your dream home facade a rewarding living experience.

Whether you seek a modern, coastal, or Hamptons-inspired exterior, Buildrite delivers. Contact us today to start planning your custom facade and home build. Our team looks forward to bringing your vision to life with a beautiful, functional facade you’ll enjoy for years.

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